Have you read with your child today?
Reading is the main component of Room 12's homework. It is so important to read everyday with our young learners.

When reading at home with your child make sure...

  • your child is not tired, hungry or distracted
  • find a comfortable place to read together - let your child hold the book and point to the words independently
  • try and relate the story to an experience your child has had e.g; if the book is about having a picnic talk about a time you had a picnic together
  • don't hide the pictures as these provide clues and strategies to support your child's reading
  • if your child is struggling to read the story, support them or even read the story together
  • HAVE FUN! Laugh at the story and celebrate your child's reading achievements.

The children have 'Hippo Words' in their book bag too. These are booklets with a variety of high frequency words in them (everyday words). It can be tricky for some children to learn these words as they are in isolation so don't be surprised if you have to revise these everyday. It takes time! Celebrate with your child when they master the words - this is a big achievement!

If you need support or have any questions about reading at home, please come and see me.